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Why Extra Dimensions Lead to Kaluza-Klein Particles — Part 2 (of 2)

POSTED BY Matt Strassler

POSTED BY Matt Strassler

ON 01/20/2012

The end of the story: if you’ve read through all the articles linked from Monday’s post — which explain why extra dimensions manifest themselves through heavier versions of known particles, called Kaluza-Klein (KK) partners — you can now read the punch-line in today’s article: why, instead of there being a KK partner for every possible mass, as Monday’s article would have naively suggested, there are KK partners only for very specific masses.  Also, you can learn why the pattern of KK partners’ masses, if any were discovered, would reveal the shape, size and number of the extra dimensions.

The next step in the extra dimensions series will be to tell you what we already know from experiments about extra dimensions, and how people are looking for them.  I’ll get to that eventually, maybe next month.

Meanwhile I’m still absorbed in some very pressing work concerning this year’s run of the Large Hadron Collider [LHC], so posts are going to be rare for a bit longer.  But over the coming week or two I do have some more things to tell you about the search for the Higgs particle, and about searches for other speculative phenomena going on at the LHC.

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  1. Is there a problem with the links?

    ” you can now read the punch-line in today’s article” links to Part 1 as of Jan 15th.

    Again, thank you for taking time to write this blog.

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