Of Particular Significance

Much more than just a blog or an author’s webpage, this website aims to be an expanding resource for those wanting to learn more about our amazing universe and how it works. Check it out!

Scientific Information

Looking for information about particles physics, astronomy, or more general issues in science? Maybe without any math or jargon? Or maybe with a little?

Check out my over 200 articles which cover everything from


and so many more.

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Beyond the Book

I wrote a book about our place in the universe, and a wing of this website will provide resources to supplement the book.

  • Clarifications and discussion of topics that reach beyond the book’s scope
  • Ever-growing FAQ’s based on readers’ questions
  • Access to the book’s figures, in a webpage or pdf (especially useful with the audiobook [coming soon])
  • Access to the book’s endnotes (so you always don’t have to flip to the back of the book! [coming soon])

and more to come.

This part of the website is still being built out, but feel free to take a look. It will continue to grow in response to readers’ interests.

Check out the book’s hyperlinked Table of Contents!

Of Particular Significance

The blog! I started it back to 2011, and it has more than 600 posts. Use the Search box to find posts that match your interests. Or try some of my favorites:

There’s something for readers at every level of background. (But since there’s plenty of standard science journalism around, some of it quite good, I tend to dig a bit deeper than the typical news article.)

Upcoming Events

I love to talk about science to and with non-scientists, both in person and virtually. Come to one of my scheduled events, or get in touch with me about setting one up for the future.

Other Writings and Video

Check out my page with links to various videos of me speaking or teaching, and various forms of writing that I’ve done beyond the confines of this webpage and my book.

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