Waves in an Impossible Sea

Waves in an Impossible Sea: Reader Resources

[Under Construction!]

My book Waves in an Impossible Sea tackles challenging subjects and raises puzzles that even the clearest writing might leave unanswered. Fortunately, this is the twenty-first century; the author is accessible for questions, and the book continues to live and grow on these webpages.

    • Got a question about something I wrote in the book? Ask me a question here. (If it’s an advanced question that is related to the book but goes well beyond the book’s scope, you might consider asking it here instead.) I’ll do my best to point you do an answer. Over time I’ll be assembling your most common questions, and my answers to them, into chapter-by-chapter lists of frequently asked questions [FAQs].

    • Over time, I’ll be extending the material of the book, covering subjects that couldn’t fit inside its pages. Much of this will also be organized by the chapter of the book to which it most closely relates.

    • The book’s table of contents is below; each link will take you to a page where supplemental material will be housed. Still under initial construction, this material will continue to grow over time.

    • If you’re looking for commentary on the endnotes, as promised in the book, click the chapter headings below.  Some things have been added, others are still in the works.

    • If you’re looking for the book’s endnotes, they will be available shortly.

    • If you’re looking for the book’s figures, they are available in multiple formats here. Helpful animations of some figures will soon be available.

    Much more to come in the near future!


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