Waves in an Impossible Sea

Chapter 22 — Deeper Conceptual Questions


Note 5: Seeking beauty and elegance in nature
  • Quote: “Well, you’re revealing a philosophical bias! You share it with many scientists of past and present, including famous ones like Kepler and Newton and Einstein, who deeply believed that the workings of the universe ought to be beautiful and elegant. But the thing is, even if that bias is correct, it’s not obvious what to apply it to. Many scientists have made embarrassing errors by trying to coerce something random to fit their idea of beauty.”

  • Endnote: Among these were Kepler and Newton themselves.

  • Discussion (coming soon)

Note 6: Universal interactions of fields
  • Quote: For instance, the electromagnetic field has no interaction with any of the neutrino fields. It interacts with the down, strange, and bottom quark fields with equal strength, interacts twice as strongly with the up, charm, and top quark fields, and interacts three times as strongly with the electron, muon, and tau fields. The gluon field interacts exactly the same way with all six quark fields and about twice as strongly with itself, while not at all with the other fermionic fields. The W and Z fields’ interactions with the fermionic fields are only slightly more complicated.

  • Endnote: Scientists do understand, from advanced math, why spin 2 and spin 1 pointing fields show universality, while nonpointing fields such as the Higgs field need not do so.

  • Discussion (coming soon)

Note 7: Only three generations of fermionic fields
  • Quote: Data proves that there can’t be any more generations of the type we’re familiar with. Had there been a fourth generation with its own quarks, the properties of the Higgs boson would have been substantially different from what LHC experimenters observe them to be.

  • Endnote: The rate at which the LHC produces Higgs bosons would have far exceeded the rate predicted by the MSM.

  • Discussion (coming soon)


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