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Relativity, Space, Astronomy and Cosmology

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  1. Hi,

    It would be nice to see an article about the vacuum. There is all kinds of interesting stuff going on in there.
    In particular I would be interested to know if you think that the fundamental constants could be intrinsic properties of the vacuum and if these constants could be scale dependent giving rise to the fundamental forces.
    Cosmic scale (dark energy)
    Everyday scale (gravity)
    Atomic scale (electromagnetism)
    Nuclear scale (weak force)
    Proton scale (color force)
    10E10 GEV scale (inflation force)
    So each force could be associated with a scale dependent vacuum structure.
    Its interesting that the electroweak force has both a short range component and a long range inverse square component. Gravity has no obvious short range property and the color force has no obvious long range property so perhaps they are both aspects of the same underlying force.

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