Black Holes

Articles about black holes, including the black hole information paradox, can be found in this section.

6 responses to “Black Holes

  1. Can you comment on the new plank star proposal?

  2. Thank you for your time Professor Strassler.

  3. Professor Strassler,
    In the future is it possible to address stimulated emission proposed by Prof. Chris Adami, from Michigan State University, having to do with the Information paradox.
    Thank you for everything you do.

  4. Professor Strassler,
    In the recent research I’ve done, I’ve found that the cingularity is part of the black hole it’s only at the end of it where every thing stops.
    Thank you for everything.
    Lucas DeCarvalho

  5. If all the mass of the black hole is concentrated in a singularity at the centre then it would be possible for a photon to have an orbit with the singularity at the focus and crossing the event horizon. By conservation of energy it would gain enough energy when falling in to escape the event horizon on the way out, which is not possible. Therefore this proves that there is no singularity at the centre.

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