New Page: A Class of Searches for New Physics

Following up on yesterday’s post, I have put up a webpage describing a class of searches that are aimed at models that violate one of the three assumptions of classic supersymmetry, and that therefore often produce photons or Z particles.  More pages of this type are on the way.

2 thoughts on “New Page: A Class of Searches for New Physics”

  1. I enjoy your blog.

    While every physicist is trained to ignore common senses, I would like to try my luck on you to be otherwise.

    The baryongenesis which encompasses the entire corporeal universe was a result of the breaking of a “perfect” symmetry. Thus, the symmetry partner of this baryongenesis will never be a part of this corporeal universe, by definition.

    [Abridged by host]

    • Sir — this website is an educational site intended to serve the public in the following way: by presenting particle physics, and other science, as it is widely understood by the scientific community. It is not intended to promulgate alternatives; there are thousands of such alternatives at any given time, and the website would be packed with them. It would be best if you did some calculations that show that your theory is not in violation of any existing data, and published those not in a book but in journal articles. And if you would like to promote your theory through other non-scientific channels, you are of course free to run your own website.

      I do advise you, however, that starting a comment with “While every physicist is trained to ignore common senses” on a physicist’s website is probably unhelpful. You will never convince a community of people to believe you if the first thing you do is insult them. That’s just common sense.

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