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  2. I to live in Jersey and came across your name while reading about higgs boson on bCC. I believe there is a possibility there is something faster than light but I dont think its for us to understand, well not atleast in this point of time in the third realm. I myslef have took five or six pictures and believe that these pictures show a possible way in which light travels. I have came up with my own conclusions but in no way have the background you have. I hope you will take interest and maybe I could send them your way for a look. Please respond as I would greatly appreciate your time in this matter. Thanks and keep up the good work!Andrew from Weehawken..

  3. Jonathan Klein, Ph.D.

    The most persuasive evidence supporting your contention is that anything exceeding the speed of light will arrive sooner than its own image.

    • sir, maybe! but it is only a velocity which just so happens to be 300,000kms. Natures way and an arbitrary one. It could be more it could be less. At current time is constant past 14 billion year aparently – but outside the so called Hubble zone it move faster!. But should this constancy change then all kinds of dramatic things could occur such as the immediate phase change of all atoms – everywhere. End of our universe – Planks constant can further explain that. The cohesive frequency of atoms is determined by this velocity – if it changes maybe the first thing we will notice is that the sun is a cold planet and everything has gone dark! And all our atoms are immediately converted back into energy in a rather spectacular homogenous atomic detonation. kind regards ewj

  4. interesting response.. This is a conclusion which i have arrived to well before the pictures, that why I only eat green. take care

  5. are there higgs boson particles in my bedroom

  6. Hi Matt:
    Any chance you are giving another talk out west at SRC this year? or anywhere out here in the Berks? thanks and hope to see you.
    Susan Bachelder

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  8. I’ve just read your article, Particle/Anti-Particle Annihilation, and I coud not understand why do muons and anti-muons transform, why do they have to transform ? What happens that the muons decide to transform ?

  9. Jesus did his job

    Physicists are doing their’s

    What is yours’

  10. FAO: Prof Matt Strassler

    X2 slit experiment brain teasing experiment :

    What about this :

    Supposing we have a laser ( or electron emitter ) mounted on a shaft horizontal to it’s plane or rotation.

    That shaft has an exceptionally high RPM of 100K ( which is achievable ).

    At a distance from the laser/electron source and horizontally circumferential to is it is a radial screen

    Which consists of regular slits.

    Behind this slitted screen is a back screen.

    As the laser spot ( or electron ) rotates at very high value RPM the dot of coherent light/electron is rotated and visits all the slits.

    Consisting of rapid radial velocity as well as a v rapid (C ) linear one.

    Having thought about that experiment supposing both radial and linear velocities are both = value C

    What do you think without actually doing the experiment will be the outcome vs the historic well documented one?

    What do you think would be the resultant split pattern? Resolved by the two motions?

    Ref Michelson Morley experiment to demonstrate – not that the Aether is moving but space itself is ( emerging ) ! ?

    Regards Edward

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  12. Hi,
    I read your blog from time to time and its really interesting.so first: t hanks and keep the nice work.
    Second: some comments,that we’d call ” not scientific” are sometimes really funny.I’d suggest tagging them to create a fun section. with an appropriate disclaimer.after all, s a scientist should stay open for any possibility.
    and to finish I need a clarification. it’s about hawking radiation.the response may be so obvious that it’s never mentioned.and I must apologize because my last physics class was 15 years ago, so you may skip the details.
    what I don’t get is the following: next to a black hole horizon pairs of particles and anti particles pop up and, as one gets trapped,the other one will emerge from the hole. to my understanding these pairs would be created randomly,hence there should be as much particles as anti particles emerging,which should lead to an average of 0 loss of mass of the hole.where did I go wrong?

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