Guess What?! Neutrinos Travel Just Below the Speed of Light

Five out of five experiments agree: neutrinos do not travel faster than the speed limit. Or more precisely: to within the uncertainties of current measurements, neutrino speed, for neutrinos with energies far larger than their masses, is experimentally indistinguishable from the speed of light in vacuum.  This is just as expected in standard Einsteinian special … Read more

How Einstein Trumped Newton

Sometimes I encounter people whose impression is that what Einstein’s 1905 theory of special relativity (the one that said no object’s speed can exceed the speed of light in vacuum, etc.) did in “overthrowing” the ideas of the past was somehow like what the Bolsheviks did to the Czars twelve years later– out with the … Read more

Relativity for the Energetic Masses

Ok, folks: yesterday’s first installment of my mass and energy article, discussing energy and momentum, has been extended with a second installment.  Mass has made its appearance now, along with Einstein’s famous relations between energy, momentum, mass and speed, which are described and analyzed using… triangles.  Yes, if you can remember what Pythagoras had to say … Read more

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