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POSTED BY Matt Strassler

POSTED BY Matt Strassler

ON 09/05/2022

Hello and welcome! On this site devoted to the excitement and meaning of science, especially of particle physics and astronomy, you’ll find

  • a blog, mainly about science (posts begin below)
  • scientific reference articles (see menu above)
  • information supplementary to my popular book, due out March 5th
  • various other bits of science writing, videos, etc.

To learn about this site, click here; to learn about me, click here.

Regarding the book, “Waves in an Impossible Sea,” here’s what some of my colleagues are saying about it. You can pre-order it at independent bookstores (such as Harvard Book Store, Powell’s, and many others), or at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Don’t forget to leave (polite) comments, and keep an eye out for days when I take direct questions from readers. You can also follow me on XTwitter and Facebook

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  1. Matt, what are the long term plans with your blog?

    If you intend to use it to supplement your professional career long term, then I recommend you hire someone making a career out of designing and maintaining blogs: they’ll quickly elevate your blog to a level within a day or so that would otherwise take you a few years casually, if at all, and suggest things you weren’t aware of. If not, and your blog is a casual hobby, then it’s fine as it is IMO. One very famous ex-string theorist used to have a blog with a green colour scheme that I found to be awful and amateurish to look at; but it was his blog, his way of doing things and overall functioned OK.

  2. Really enjoy all your posts. Fascinating material about the fundamental workings of our universe.
    In a certain sense we all are just “field excitations”

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