From the Higgs Field to the Higgs Particle

With my series of articles on Fields and Particles complete, I’m continuing my series of articles on How the Higgs Field Works.  (These sets of articles require a little math and physics background, the sort you’d get in your first few months of a beginning university or pre-university physics class.)

The first article in the new series was an overview of The Basic Idea behind how the Higgs field works. (In these articles I’m mainly concentrating on the simplest type of Higgs, the Standard Model Higgs field and particle.) Then came an article about why and how the Higgs field becomes non-zero.  And the newest article explains how the Higgs particle arises as the quantum of waves that oscillate around the non-zero value of the Higgs field, and how its mass is determined by the equation of motion of the Higgs field.

2 thoughts on “From the Higgs Field to the Higgs Particle”

  1. Many thanks once again Professor Strassler for your informative articles, for your public diffusion of quantum mechanics the debt of gratitude owed is beyond expression. Your work is greatly appreciated.

  2. So this one is a Preface to what’s about to come ???..Can’t Just wait for them..seems that it’ll be Great winter this time..he he !!!

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