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A Brief Tour of Resonance

POSTED BY Matt Strassler

POSTED BY Matt Strassler

ON 09/28/2012

I’ve just written a brief article on resonance, described in words (without math) and illustrated using an animated figure.

I’ve done this now because I need it as a reference for upcoming articles in my series on how the Higgs Field works (which will be readable by those who’ve gone through my Particles and Fields [with a little math] articles).  I’ve already put out the first of those articles, which outlines the basic idea of how the Higgs field gives mass to other particles[I am considering simplifying it further, based on your questions and suggestions; not everything in there may really be necessary for a first reading.] Among the things I will be explaining next is how, in the equations of motion for the fields of nature, extra terms containing two or more fields (which play a central role in how the Higgs field works) are universally responsible for the interesting processes of particle physics — creation of particles, decay of particles, scattering of particles, and formation of structure, including hadrons (such as protons and neutrons), atomic nuclei and atoms. Stay tuned for that stuff next week.

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