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Two More New Articles On Higgs Discovery

POSTED BY Matt Strassler

POSTED BY Matt Strassler

ON 07/12/2012

I’ve finished my third and fourth articles on the Higgs discovery (the first two being on the data itself and why it is convincing, and on the great skill and the bits of luck that led to a discovery occurring so soon.)  The new articles are about why I personally think the new particle is almost certainly a Higgs particle of some type, and about the outstanding question of whether this particle is the simplest possible type of Higgs (the Standard Model Higgs particle) or not.

I believe that nothing I’ve written in these two new articles is original; it has all (or almost all) been stated in papers or preprints by other people.   That said, what’s in these articles represents my own personal views (since at this early date I have no way to know what fraction of my colleagues agree with me), and those views are not yet set in stone… so experts with well-reasoned arguments are encouraged to try to change my mind.

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  1. Hi Matt,

    We had some discussions about how convincing the CMS and ATLAS plots really are.

    To convince myself I did a simple analysis of what I can get out of the plots using an old trick. This trick kind of roughly works if you have no more inside information.

    You just look at all the data points and count how many are, by more than itheir error bar, outside where they are expected to be (from the drawings).
    Then you get a rough picture what is the probability that a point could be shifted by more than its error bar.

    You also have to count how many points you have to shift over (roughly) the error bar where the detection is made, to get rid of the detection.

    Using the direct plots:


    I got: roughly

    ATLAS H->photons
    Points 59
    Outside: 7
    Points to shift: 3

    ATLAS H->4l
    Points 30
    Outside: 4
    Points to shift: 2

    CMS H->photons
    Points 30
    Outside: 5
    Points to shift: 2

    ATLAS H->4l
    Points 26
    Outside: 3
    Points to shift: 2

    Combined probability not a detection: (7/59)^3 x (4/30)^2 x (5/30)^2 x (3/26)^2= 1×10^-8
    Giving about: 1 in a hundred million


  2. No point on commenting on these nonsensical comments.
    I prefer reading about physics, both theory and experiments, rather then this childish blabber

  3. Hmm. Oaktree’s …ahem… comment… is not as obvious as shmith’s, but still consists of randomly regurgitated sentences…with a video attached….well hey, at least the production levels are improving.

  4. I believe shmith’s …er…monologue??? is computer generated random words and parts of sentences lifted from some popular physics book or article. I guess its supposed to be a joke, or general snarkiness. By the number of times I see the dated and now unpopular term “God particle” I’m guessing the source material was sampled from Leon Lederman’s book.

  5. “The God Particle” … prophetic or rubbish?

    If the is God then did God create the universe or did the universe create God?

    If God created the universe then that would be very problematic w.r.t. causality, what caused God? However, if the universe created God then that would be well within the realm of our real universe all our questions both from evolutionism and creationism would lead to a common goal.

    Given all that we know about our universe and ourselves:
    1. What could God be?
    2. Why would there be a need for God in the first place?
    3. How could God control the universe, which created Him?

    A curious observation is as the structures, atoms and molecules, become more complex the outcome, evolution of the universe, tends to life and beyond to consciousness, (we are very high up in the overall scheme of existence).

    We have a consciousness which is very difficult to define and formulate with the same math we use to formulate physical phenomena. Below is a very interesting video of a 3D formulation of what the known universe looks like. As you can see it has a striking resemblance to the structure of our brain, the structure that gives us consciousness.

    1. Do you believe that a universal consciousness (God) can exist given this data?

    2. Like our own consciousness can control our brain’s motor functions and hence our body functions, could the universal consciousness (once it “turned on”) create the more complex physical fields from the fundamental field (gravity or something else to the strong field) and hence drove the primordial chaotic universe to one of order and expanding, i.e. the expansion of the universe is not related to the initial conditions at the big bang but rather the universal consciousness is reinforcing and evolving to a higher and higher state. A principle of conscious advancement as the driving force for everything. No conservation laws need to be violated or invalidated.

    Is God the universal consciousness created by the magnificent structures of our universe, see the video below.

    1. Sorry, no embedded videos please.

      May I remind you that the term “God particle” was invented by a publisher so that he could sell more books? We know nothing more about the divine from the discovery of the H boson than we did after the discovery of the W and Z bosons.

      This is a science site, first and foremost, and while I have no problem with religious viewpoints, the place for such discussions is not in a comment to an article about the discovery of this new particle.

      1. “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”
        ― Albert Einstein

        Good bye Professor.

  6. The quality of the natural sciences on the natural substances, the very essence of the universe, the particle, the Higgs field and Higgs bosons, gene, the big bang, black holes, dark matter, matter and antimatter, particle domain field, mechanical, human The birth of the end of the universe, super new Department, the prehistory of the natural origin, genes and particles of the solar system, models of the universe, the quark model, such as elementary particles, the God particle, relativistic and non-relativistic, and so on and so forth. Global natural scientists are constantly emerging, and experimental detection results of exploration and remarkable achievements. Some 62 kinds of particles have been found, various theories and hypotheses, as well as the deepening of experimental detection, human beings trying to find the true meaning of nature – God particle, everything can be all is well. Folks are looking for in the assiduous God particle or better say that the original of nature, heaven-sent man, gods, to mankind a great inspiration and opportunity, God how? The major achievements of physicists and cosmologists, biologists, chemists, not only the God particle detection was observed, but more importantly: experiments and research, detection and discovery, designed to in-depth explanation and revelation of the God particle, a driving force (the association and causal relationship between gravitation and ultrafine particles, field and ultrafine particles of super-spin vector domain “super-spin sub-and super-spin vector domain field, super-rotation power and super-rotation of movement.” experiments and observed an extremely important , without which everything is nonsense, ready to collapse and we will find the specification of the God particle is not standardized, regular or non-being is the God particle evolution and transmutation, etc. In other words, God is not a single particle or lonely existence of the universe particles and super-spin vector domain field and ultra-roton interaction, mutually cause and effect and the Big Bang, dark matter, super-rotation movement of the God particle (ultra-roton) super-rotation movement domain – field physics formulas, physics equations, mathematical equations, as well as human exploration found only infinite drop of the sea fills the God particle by no means confined to a corner of the limitations of modern scientific instruments, adds to the difficult and errors found. However, <super-roton including norms or norms, standards or standards, concepts and experimental observations have been increasingly in-depth bottom particle primitive super-spin vector particle spin of rotating spin derivative, is the primitive of the particles, and gravitation, the universe was formed, microform and expansion of the symmetric and asymmetric, material and antimatter, the big bang and particle mound did not closely related to this connection can not explain all of nature, but the super-rotation of the spin vector domain —- the field in which to play a major role and function. God particle is no exception.Research and discovery of the particle and the Higgs boson (God particle), with impressive results. The mass of the particle, the end of the particle detection and in-depth study. In fact, the God particle is not traveled alone. His mechanism is super spin vector of substances ——– super spin vector domain — "Key words: super-rotating vector —- super-spin domain — super-rotation of the rotating the super-spin vector – potential "particle super-spin vector theorem, this is where the key to all things primitive. Big Bang, antimatter, gravitational field, the model of the universe, the quark model, genes, particles, gravity, etc., are all closely linked with this. As for the mathematical and physical model, mathematical equations and expressions, as well as ultra-roton —- super-spin domain – Field specifications or not to regulate the expression and the mode it is easy to see.

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