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POSTED BY Matt Strassler

POSTED BY Matt Strassler

ON 06/13/2012

Reminder: New York, Saturday June 16th at 2pm, I’ll be giving a public lecture (click here for details): THE EINSTEIN OBSESSION: SCIENCE, MYTH AND PUBLIC PERCEPTION.

I’ve been doing a little work on my extra dimensions articles, adding one that describes how we know experimentally that the ordinary particles we’re made of (and most of the others we know about) can’t be moving in more than three spatial dimensions — more precisely, that any additional dimensions must be smaller in extent than 1/100th or so of the distance across a proton. The first half of the article is drafted; the second half, on what we know about dimensions in which no known particles can move but which are accessible to gravity and gravitons, will come soon, probably next week.  Comments and questions welcome as always.

Meanwhile, following up on Friday’s post about the End of the OPERA Not-Faster-Than-Light Neutrino Story: a paper has appeared by the LVD and OPERA experiments explaining how they worked together to confirm that OPERA’s two known problems (a fiber-optic cable connection and a clock running off-speed) did in fact cause their faulty measurement of neutrino speeds. This information was made public (in large part) back in March and I wrote about it in detail here.

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  1. Wait, doesn’t general relativity assumes 5 dimensions? our normal 3+1 dimensions distorted in an extra dimension?

    1. No. You’re probably thinking about Einstein’s attempt at a unified field theory using Kaluza-Klein theory. Standard Einstein’s relativity involves 3+1 dimensional space-time distorted in and of itself — not within a space-time with yet more dimensions.

      Just as the universe is expanding (i.e. at least in our patch of the universe, there is more and more space to move around in as time goes by) but is not expanding into anything, curvature of space-time (i.e., causing parallel lines will diverge or converge) does not require that this space-time be inside of anything.

  2. You did not answer the real question ; as ” ripples ” are ( small undulations in the surface of water ) , you are using 2 contradictory descriptions …..
    Are Oscillations static train of changes of field values ,or dynamic real 3D undulations in field proper.?

  3. Matt.
    Re. your extra dimensions articles , you previously absolutely confirmed that field waves ARE NOT REAL TRAIN OF WAVES but mere value fluctuations of the field , but all of your examples are of real moving vibrations which obeys the laws of real waves…..( string vibrations ARE real waves , while you said NOTHING IS MOVING IN FIELDS )
    As i understand ; value fluctuations are NOT confined to any set of rules or laws ,why should value fluctuations obey real wave laws ? …… some thing is missing here , i do not know what !!! i like to know.

    1. The problem here is understanding what is real. The values of the fields are real — as real as anything. Oscillations in those values are real. Photons are oscillations in the electric and magnetic field. They have real energy associated with them. You can use that energy to burn a hole in a wall (if you have enough of these oscillations in the values of the electric and magnetic fields.) Nothing unreal about that.

      The values of fields DO obey equations. In fact, the equations of quantum field theory are ALL about how the values of fields change over time and how they affect one another.

  4. Time travel is impossible! It’s true that time does slow for a craft or person in motion but this is strictly a mechanical function of pressure. Traveling through other dimensions is the same as traveling in our own dimension. What divides spectrums of perception (or dimensions) is not time, but pressure. Traveling into another dimension is like going to the bottom of the ocean; however, in order to move from one dimension to another, one must be able to overcome much more pressure than must be endured to go to the bottom of the ocean at its deepest point. Just like in deep sea explorations, a craft must be pressurized from the inside in order to compensate for the pressure on the outside.

    In order to travel to another dimension, one must be pressurized from the inside as well. Therefore, as a result of the pressure of other pressure spectrums of perception (or dimensions) that exists outside of our solar (3D) pressure spectrum boundary… it’s going to take an advanced technology of which our society or science has not yet discovered (but they will).

    This discovery of advanced technology (or other dimensional technology) will eventually, be able to pressurize both man and or craft from the inside using the natural electron conduits that exist all around us and also, within us. [more…]


  5. Will your pubic lecture be available on some medium during or after the lecture, like YouTube, Twitter, etc.

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