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New Article Explaining the OPERA Update

POSTED BY Matt Strassler

POSTED BY Matt Strassler

ON 11/20/2011

Ok, I’ve finished an article (probably still requiring minor revisions for clarity and correctness) explaining why the recent update on the OPERA experiment is important, as well as making clear what it does and doesn’t mean.  I hope the writing is sufficiently understandable… but as I tried to write it fairly quickly, there may be some places where I have lapsed into jargon or left something out, so feel free to ask questions about points you can’t follow.

If you haven’t read about OPERA at all before, you might find this new article a little hard to follow in places.  If so, you may find useful what I’ve previously written about OPERA. Friday’s post provided a guide to my earlier OPERA posts, as well as a link to a Q&A session that many of you may find useful.  Over the next week I’ll be copying these posts over into articles that will be better organized and easier to find… so expect some Under Construction signs around for the next few days.

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