Quick update from Grenoble

Greetings from Grenoble, and the EuroPhysics conference.  There’s so much data being described, and there are so many simultaneous talks, that it is hard to make sure I’m getting all of the new information.  And there’s a huge amount of news, which will take a while to summarize.

Before I do, I should say that so far everything is going more or less as I expected.  There are a lot of new results from the Tevatron (the CDF and DZero experiments), a number of which are controversial.  Meanwhile there are a number of a new results from the Large Hadron Collider [LHC] (the ATLAS, CMS and LHCb experiments mainly), few of them so far controversial. And the LHC experiments have shown results contradicting one of the controversial Tevatron results, one I wrote about a few days ago.  Meanwhile many LHC measurements that were made preliminarily with the 2010 data set have not yet been updated for the relatively large 2011 data set.  Why did I expect that?  See the article I wrote about this yesterday.

But the search for the Standard Model Higgs particle (the simplest possible version of the Higgs particle, or particles) is moving along quickly, and there is a lot of new data on the search coming out today from the LHC and from the Tevatron.  There has already been significant progress shown this morning, and additional important talks are scheduled to happen in the next few minutes.

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