An Old NY Times Article on New China

A perfect storm of computer trouble (ok, maybe not perfect, but pretty darn good) has kept me from finishing any new articles, though this should come to an end this week. But while waiting for things to improve, I’ve been pointing your attention (here and here) to various signs that China, which is investing heavily in science … Read more

How Chinese Children Are Learning Physics

While we’re on the subject of China… The US has had space stations for decades, and people here now show limited interest, barely caring that the US currently has no rocket that can carry people to space.  Now China has its own rockets and space station, and, with plenty of excitement and national pride, is … Read more

Science Past and Future, on Diverse Continents

Today, two articles that I found especially interesting and that I recommend to you: China’s Tianhe-2 retakes fastest supercomputer crown: A China-based supercomputer has leapfrogged rivals to be named the world’s most powerful system. This article caught my eye because I think it highlights the degree to which China is rapidly catching up with Europe, the … Read more