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A Busy August

The rate of my blog posts has fallen off again, but for good reason… change is in the air.  I decided this past year to leave Rutgers University, after a six-year stint as a professor at their “New” High Energy Theory Center, or NHETC.  [No one ever deletes “new” from a name, cf. Pont Neuf. Corollary: avoid putting “new” in an institution’s title.]  Starting in September, I’ll be a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University. For scale, the distance from Rutgers to Harvard is about the distance from London to Paris.

Needless to say, there are some logistical issues involved in this change! So this is a busy August. In fact this is my third shortened summer in a row. (The previous one was curtailed by a certain dramatic discovery…) So that has reduced my blogging time considerably.

Next week is equally busy — but it will generate some blog posts instead of completely inhibiting them. I’ll be attending and speaking at a workshop on Large Hadron Collider physics.  You can expect relevant blog posts in the next few days.