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Quick Answers to Some Questions About the Book

POSTED BY Matt Strassler

POSTED BY Matt Strassler

ON 03/07/2024

I’m aiming to get the blog back to science as soon as possible, but I need to answer some questions that I’ve been receiving about the book and website.

  • Yes, there will be an audiobook. It’s coming. A few weeks. I’ll let you know.
  • Yes, there will be a page on this website where book-readers can ask questions about the subjects covered in the book. No later than next week. I doubt I’ll be able to answer all questions individually, but I’ll be collecting them and answering the most common… see below.

In fact, there will soon be a whole wing of this website devoted to the book, which will have

  • Growing lists of Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs], based on readers’ comments and queries
  • Expanded discussion of a number of subjects that didn’t fit into the book
  • For those who like math (which the book avoids), some of the technical details behind key topics
  • A list of figures to refer to when listening to the book (in fact you can already check out that page)
  • Animations of some of the figures, aiming to make them clearer than a still image
  • A newsletter for those who want to stay up to date on upcoming events

And more! [Some parts of this are almost ready, but we’re delayed by an array of minor technical issues with the newly upgraded website. Hopefully in a week or two.]

Speaking more broadly, the new book is just a part of a much larger project: to convey the worldview of contemporary physics to as many people as possible, making it accessible without watering it down. I hope to make it as clear as it can be made, and as meaningful. But the book, no matter how hard I have worked at it or how successful I may or may not have been at writing it, cannot possibly do that alone. Hence the commitment to expand the website, answer your questions, give public talks and courses, and much more to come.

By the way, the second half of the conversation with Daniel Whiteson on his podcast is posted. (Here’s the first half; and here’s the conversation on Sean Carroll’s podcast.)

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