A Birthday of Particular Significance

Today is the anniversary of this website, born June 29, 2011. And it’s just in time for what could be the biggest news in particle physics in many years.  If we’re lucky, on July 4th the teams that run the ATLAS and CMS experiments at the Large Hadron Collider [LHC] will reveal strong evidence for … Read more

Online Public Talk Today

Reminder: I’m giving a public lecture about the Large Hadron Collider today, Saturday, April 28th, 1 p.m. New York time/10 a.m. Pacific, through the MICA Popular Talks series, held online at the Large Auditorium on StellaNova, Second Life.  You’ll need a Second Life viewer to watch it live.  Should you miss it, both the audio and the slides will … Read more

Life Goes On at Normal Speed

[If you are a layperson interested in the faster-than-light neutrino claim, and you haven’t yet looked at yesterday’s “open-space’’ post and the list of excellent questions laypeople have asked in the comments, you definitely should.  And ask your own if you want. That post also gives an organized list of links to all my posts on the neutrino experiment so far.]

Now, here’s a problem: How should a particle physicist budget his or her time, when faced with the OPERA experiment, which has, say, a 1% chance of representing the most important discovery in decades, and a 99% chance of being wrong?  After all, life goes on at normal speed — and in particular, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is continuing to gather important data at an accelerating rate. 

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How to Find the Higgs Particle: 3rd Video Clip is Up!

Ok, the third video clip from my talk at the Secret Science club from March 2011 is now uploaded for your enjoyment.  [But watch the other two clips first, it will make it a lot easier to follow!]  Learn how to find the Higgs particle!  (Or at least the easier ways — an explanation of … Read more


Welcome to my new website!  This site will serve as a clearing house for all the wonderful conversations that I hope to have with the public about science, and for my posts with the answers to the most commonly asked questions concerning science most broadly, physics in general, my own field of particle physics, and … Read more

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